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Meet Our Team


Head Chef Dario Catapano

Dario moved to London 7 years ago from Italy to start a new life with his partner. He studied Marine Biology at University of Naples so other than knowing a lot about fish and having worked in a pub during university, he knew nothing about cooking. Dario started in a group of Italian restaurants where he learned the basics of cooking, but always had the desire to learn more and develop into a better chef. This is when Dario went for a trial at Bread Street Kitchen and the fun began.

Since Dario had no formal chef training his biggest influence was his family and the food that he ate growing up fresh from their garden. Dario comes from a big family, with 30 people at the table for Christmas dinner. This is what prepared him for the large number of covers at Bread Street Kitchen.

For Dario growing up as a chef in the Gordon Ramsay Group has been really inspirational, particularly learning the classics of British and French cuisine that he had never cooked or tasted before.

Dario’s first love is catching and cooking fish but is generally interested in the authenticity of produce and preparing it respectfully. Dario really enjoys challenging himself with butchery and getting all the staff involved.

The opening of Bread Street Kitchen Singapore was a major milestone for Dario, opening his eyes to different flavors and ingredients. Travelling to nearby countries also allowed him to get to know a lot of different combinations and foods that he has never experienced before.

Dario has been with the Gordon Ramsay Group for over 5 years and is currently the Head Chef at Heddon Street Kitchen.

Alessio Lucchetti

General Manager Alessio Lucchetti

Alessio’s career in hospitality started in Italy, 15 years ago. Initially, he started in hospitality as a part-time job to earn some extra money while studying engineering, but soon discovered how much he enjoyed working as part of a team of young professionals. What he likes the most is to work within a team and to pass his knowledge on to more junior members.

Alessio’s biggest passion is food and hospitality (as cliché as it may sound!). He loves to discover the new trends, learning new ways of preparing, cooking and presenting new dishes with fresh seasonal ingredients. He also loves sharing happy moments with the guests and being able to turn their day or evening around in few hours simply by doing his job and making them feel looked after.  

A major milestone in Alessio’s career was when he decided to leave Italy and move to London in 2011, which he considers the best place in Europe for the vibe of hospitality. In London, Alessio’s passion for food and hospitality (so embedded in his Italian blood) and his appreciation for team work allowed him to quickly move his career forward. Alessio became Assistant Restaurant Manager at Boundary in 2013, Restaurant Manager at Fish Market in 2014, Assistant General Manager at Bread Street Kitchen in 2015 and now General Manager at Heddon Street Kitchen.

Bar Manager Michele Quarta

Michele was born in Pavia, Italy, and his first job in the industry was aged 20 in his hometown as a waiter in a small bar called Room 46. He started to become really interested in bartending and food when he began travelling around the world at 24 - quickly discovering that food and drink were things that united people universally. This is why he is passionate about the industry - it makes people smile all together.

Michele studied at the American School of Bartending in Milan, but believes that this is a job where you are constantly learning new things (this is another reason why he is passionate about the industry!) One of the most important steps in his career was when he became Head Bartender at the Skylon Bar and restaurant in London after only 6 months. This improved his skills in mixology significantly!  After this, Michele moved on to become Bar Supervisor at the German Gymnasium Restaurant and then Bar Manager for 2 years at Four Degree Bar and Restaurant in Vauxhall.

His inspiration comes from his Mom and Dad, as well as Mr. Marian Beke, a Slovakian born Mixologist who has worked in some of London’s most iconic bars.  

Outside of working at Heddon Street Kitchen, Michele loves travelling – saying that ‘travel is knowledge, it gives you the chance to meet new people, discover new cultures, open your mind and learn. And I love motorbikes, that’s also my passion’.

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