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Discover the inspiration behind Lucky Cat’s menus, interiors, and more. Follow us behind the pass. 

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The best seats in the house: Chef’s Tables at Lucky Cat

Dining at the Chef’s Tables really brings your Lucky Cat experience to life. Our Chefs source different produce every day based on what’s in season and create bespoke dishes that are exclusive to guests dining on Kasai and Kori.

LC Hoshigaki photo

Introducing hoshigaki at Lucky Cat

The Japanese tradition of creating dried persimmons by hanging and hand-massaging them every day is not something you usually find in the heart of Mayfair, but here at Lucky Cat we’re bringing this process to life.

Gordon uncharted 2019

Gordon & Ben: Uncharted in Laos

Gordon’s National Geographic series, Uncharted, follows his journey to six destinations across the world. For his adventure to Laos, Gordon was accompanied by Executive Head Chef, Ben Orpwood, to experience and learn about Lao food, ingredients, and cooking techniques together. Discover their adventure - from travelling down the Mekong River to catching and cooking 'toe biters'. 

Lucky cat Lucky cats 1500px

Why Lucky Cat?

Sixteen names were initially in the running for Gordon’s new Mayfair restaurant, but one really struck a chord. Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsay. Discover the reasons behind the name, and how the Lucky Cat has been incorporated into the restaurant's design. 

Hiramasa Kingfish slicing at LC pop up suare

The King of Fish

Hiramasa Kingfish has the omega-3 essential fatty acids we all love and need in oily fish but delivers them in silky flesh perfect for sashimi, ceviche, tartare and carpaccio. Find out how to use this type of fish at home, and why Lucky Cat’s Executive Head Chef, Ben Orpwood, loves it so much.

Lucky Cat tables and glass ware 1900

Fire, Ice, Land, Sky & Sea

When AfroditiKrassa began imagining the design of Lucky Cat, natural materials took a centre stage. Raw materials that would bring a feeling of warmth, relevance, and vibrancy – without being overbearing or deflecting attention away from the heart of the restaurant – the food.

Lucky Cat Lucky Negroni Desktop

Setting The Bar

The Lucky Cat bar takes inspiration from the drinking dens of historic Tokyo and Shanghai to create a glittering, art deco, nocturnal feel. There were two important elements of the creation of the cocktail list – firstly to transport classical styles of mixology into a modern setting, and secondly to celebrate flavour profiles that are often overlooked.

Lucky Cat Wasabi 2019 600px

Feel the Heat

The punchy strength and flavour of Wasabi is something that no Asian restaurant would be complete without. Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsay is no exception. You’ll find Wasabi alongside our Razor Clams with Green Apple, Monkfish Cheek Katsu, Pea Tempura and many other dishes. The big difference with our Wasabi, is that it’s grown in house.