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Lucky Cat Kasai and Kori chefs tables 1900px


lucky cat flourish


When the vision for Lucky Cat's interiors began to come to life, natural materials took a centre stage. Raw materials that would bring a feeling of warmth, relevance, and vibrancy – without being overbearing or deflecting attention away from the heart of the restaurant – the food.


Lucky Cat is an amalgamation of black lacquered bamboo, intricate basket weave, and reclaimed floor tiles, with solid granite surfaces, dark walnut joinery, and distressed leather. Walls are adorned with antique mirrors, and chairs covered in deep purple and rich indigo velvet. The effect is of deep, dark mystery and immense comfort – a place to unwind and enjoy.


This aesthetic has been continued into Lucky Cat’s private dining spaces and Kitchen Tables, all of which have given their nod to a natural feel. The naming of these spaces was equally as important as their design – each is named to reflect their position within the restaurant, and purpose for guests.


Kasai – Fire 


Lucky Cat Kasai Chefs Table 850px


Kasai is the first of two Chef Tables within the walls of Lucky Cat. In Japanese, Kasai means fire, and at this counter-style dining table guests can expect to see the heat of the kitchen as chefs prepare dishes close to their table. The table has been designed to allow for maximum theatre, interaction and discussion between the chef and all guests, with each element of the menu being presented directly to the table.


Guests at Kasai will also notice intricate design elements, such as the Blenheim Forge Knife Wall showcasing expertly handcrafted knives. Also, look out for the maneki neko dotted around the kitchen.


Kori – Ice


Kori Chefs Table July 2019 1000px


Kori is the cooler cousin of Kasai. Kori’s ice is the perfect balance to Kasai’s fire, and this Kitchen Table allows guests to take a seat at a beautifully made sunken Japanese inspired dining table, where chefs will present dishes and guide them gently through each course. Guests at Kori will also have the best view of the beautiful Uchiwa fan ceiling installation.


Sora – Sky


Lucky Cat PDR Sora bar in background 850px


Sora is our largest Private Dining Room, seating up to 40 guests. The full height windows, and bespoke ribbed opal lighting fixtures create a light and beautiful space worthy of the name Sora – or sky. Expect art deco influences, intricate wallpaper, layered linen screens, and bespoke artwork.


Tochi – Land


Lucky Cat Tochi PDR facing bar 800px


On the lower level of the Marriott Hotel, discreetly tucked away from prying eyes, is Tochi. For up to 30 guests, Tochi is a handsome and unique space to entertain, or be entertained. Within Tochi, guests can absolutely see the influence of Tokyo Kissa bars, referencing a past era of vibrancy, youth and urban cool.


Umi – Sea


Lucky cat Umi PDR table 800px square


Umi is our smallest and most intimate dining room, for up to ten guests. Umi sits next to Sora, and above Tochi, and is therefore the dramatic seascape that joins land and sky. Umi is decorated similarly to Tochi and Sora, with a large circular walnut table, elegantly distressed seating and Japanese panelling.


The first vision remains intact to the final designs and interiors of Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsay. The restaurant concept and design is relevant, but not faddy, handsome but not formal, vibrant but not overbearing; allowing the food and great kitchen activity take centre stage.