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The best seats in the house: Chef’s Tables at Lucky Cat

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Dining at the Chef’s Tables really brings your Lucky Cat experience to life. Our chefs source different produce every day based on what’s in season and create bespoke dishes that are exclusive to guests dining on Kasai and Kori. This is where some of our most popular creations have been born, for example our delicious JFC, but most of the dishes are there for one night only so it really is a one-off chance to try something new. 


Not only do you get to try these bespoke dishes, you will do so from the best seats in the house. Both Gordon and Executive Head Chef, Ben Orpwood, wanted the Chef’s Tables to be the heart of Lucky Cat, so we built not one, but two unique spaces in the heart of the open kitchen. Kasai is a table designed to be shared, so whether you want to dine on your own, share a romantic meal with a twist or grab a few friends for the experience, you are always welcome. Kori is a Japanese-style private table exclusively for your group with space for up to twelve, perfect for when you have something to celebrate or are bringing a crowd.


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These tables are a front row seat where you can observe the buzz of the kitchen and the live theatre of our chefs in action – sizzling grills, precise plating, orders coming in and dishes going out. Every day there’s an exclusive tasting menu of seasonal sharing plates which take you through the different concepts and styles of Lucky Cat’s dining: Snack, Raw, Kitchen, Robata, Pre-Dessert and Dessert.


Not only is the menu exclusive, but the Chef’s Tables allow you to watch the dishes move from kitchen to plate as they are served by the chefs. This gives an amazing opportunity to ask questions about ingredients, techniques or preparation. For example, you might learn that a bowl of donburi was originally a rustic street food dish meant to be eaten like a taco.


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There’ll be other stories to hear from the chefs about the produce and suppliers they work with. Perhaps the chance to try smoked Portuguese bonito, a rich, oily fish similar to tuna that is normally hard to get in London, but Chef Ben has a close relationship with his supplier, Pedro, who ships it in from Sagres when he can.


Shared between you, the dishes of fresh crudités on ice and platters of bao buns and pork belly make for a feast that might leave you fighting over every mouthful. Kasai and Kori are designed for you to enjoy as you like: get involved as much as you want, interact with the chefs and watch the kitchen unfold in front of you, or simply relax with good company and let us do the rest.


So, come hungry, come with questions, and come ready for the best seats in the house.


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