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Hiramasa Kingfish has the omega-3 essential fatty acids we all love and need in oily fish but delivers them in silky flesh perfect for sashimi, ceviche, tartare and carpaccio. Find out how to use this type of fish at home, and why Lucky Cat’s Executive Head Chef, Ben Orpwood, loves it so much.


What Does Kingfish Taste Like?

At Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, we use the best ingredients because of their superior taste. This most certainly applies to Hiramasa Kingfish, which is an extremely high-quality sashimi grade fish prized in Japan. It has a rich and sweet flavour which is delicious on its own, but it can also stand up to deeper flavours. Its pale pink flesh with firm, large flakes have a higher fat content and cleaner flavour than wild Yellowtail Kingfish, which is often called Amberjack. The fat content of this fish is often around 35% for the belly and 14% for the top loin. Ben uses this fish because it is ‘a very sleek and beautiful fish, it looks and swims like a torpedo with yellow tips to the fins’.


How Should Kingfish be Cooked?

There are many different ways to cook Kingfish, its moist and firm texture makes it ideal for baking, searing, grilling and barbecuing. It’s also a great choice for curries. If you have a whole fish, you can use the offcuts and bones for making stock. The skin also crisps up wonderfully.


Kingfish Dishes at Lucky Cat

Because the fish is so firm, the chefs at Lucky Cat prefer to serve most of it raw, but they cook the cheeks which are extremely fatty and prized in Japan by grill cooks.


Ben says that ‘we will always offer this as fresh sushi and sashimi, and we will be serving the dish with our house seasoned soy and ginger oil’. The sliced Kingfish is accompanied by yuzukosho, pomelo, and sorrel. Yuzukosho is traditionally used as a Japanese seasoning, and is made from yuzu peel, chilli, and salt giving the Kingfish a kick whilst fresh and citrus notes are provided by green sorrel and pomelo.


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The Hiramasa Kingfish Don is another popular dish, where Kingfish is served with sheets of dried nori seaweed, baby gem lettuce, and daikon radish for guests to construct themselves.