Grilled English Asparagus Wrapped in Bayonne Ham with Crispy Duck Egg


serves 2

Egg wash (whisked together):

Cooking instructions

  1. Drop asparagus spears into a pan of boiling water for 30 seconds (no more than this, as they will spoil)
  2. After 30 seconds (no more) remove the asparagus from the boiling water and drop into ice water to stop them cooking. Don’t leave in the water for too long as they will lose their colour.
  3. Poach the duck eggs and when done drop them in to iced water, making sure the yolks are still runny
  4. When the eggs are cold, dry them off on a tea towel, roll them in seasoned flour, and dip in egg wash.
  5. Roll the eggs in panko bread crumbs.
  6. Deep fry the eggs until golden
  7. Grill your asparagus spears with some olive oil and season
  8. Next roll each asparagus spear in some sliced Bayonne ham
  9. Put asparagus on plate, and spoon over a nice dollop of Hollandaise sauce
  10. Place crispy duck egg on top of dollop
  11. Grate some fresh parmesan over the top