Razor Clams and Salsa Verde


3 razor clams for 1 portion


For the Salsa Verde:

Cooking instructions

  1. Preheat oven to 185°C.
  2. With a small knife cut prise the razor clam open and rinse clean from sand.
  3. Blanch the diced potatoes in salted water.
  4. For the Salsa Verde, soak the white bread in the red wine vinegar. Leave for 10 mins, then squeeze the liquid out. Add the remaining Salsa Verde ingredients to the bread and blend until a pesto-like consistency.
  5. Put the razor clam on a tray and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. We also like to sprinkle them with breadcrumbs. Bake for 3 mins in the preheated oven.
  6. Season the blanched potatoes with olive oil and salt.
  7. Arrange the cooked razor clams on the plate and garnish with the dressed potatoes, salsa verde and black truffle shavings.


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