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From intimate dinner parties to large-scale corporate events, host your next event at Gordon Ramsay HELL'S KITCHEN Miami

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Hell's Kitchen Miami Main Bar

An Experience Like No Other

Gordon Ramsay HELL'S KITCHEN Miami is the perfect setting for your next special occasion. While delivering a truly one-of-a-kind culinary experience, allow Chef Ramsay's team to curate an event specifically tailored to you and your guests. 

Customizable dining packages are designed to accommodate all events, from an intimate affair to an exclusive hire of the two-story restaurant. 

Private Dining


Immerse yourself in a culinary journey like no other at the Red and Blue Chef’s Table. With a seating capacity of 10, this intimate setting offers front-row seats to all the action of the kitchen

Black Jacket Private Dining Room at Hell's Kitchen Miami

Black Jacket Room

Step into a world of elegance in the Black Jacket Room. With 578 square feet of space, it’s perfect for intimate gatherings and lively networking events. The room sets the stage for a memorable experience that blends culinary delight with sophistication.

Hell's Hideaway Private Dining Room at Hell's Kitchen Miami

Hell's Hideaway 

Hosting up to 30 seated or 40 standing guests, this 645-square-foot space provides the perfect canvas for culinary exploration. It’s an impeccable venue for celebrating life’s moments in style.

Hell's Hideaway Private Dining Room at Hell's Kitchen Miami
PDR 1 & 2 at Hell's Kitchen Miami

Black Jacket Room + Hell's Hideaway 

Seamlessly combine the Black Jacket Room and Hell's Hideaway to create an expansive 1,223-square-foot haven. With the flexibility to open the wall between the two rooms, you can host up to 30 seated or 60 standing guests. Imagine the energy of two spaces harmonizing, making every occasion a grand celebration.

Black Jacket Room + Upstairs Bar

PDR & UPSTAIRS BAR at Hell's Kitchen Miami

Elevate your event to new heights by reserving the Black Jacket Room and Upstairs Bar. For gatherings of up to 30 seated or 60 standing, this 1,145-square-foot space offers a unique blend of exclusivity and warmth. Treat your guests to a private bar experience before indulging in an exquisite meal. It’s the perfect recipe for a memorable evening of mingling and dining.

Black Jacket Room + Hell's Hideaway + Upstairs Bar

Black Jacket + Hell's Hideaway + Upstairs Bar at Hell's Kitchen Miami

For those seeking a grand celebration, the combined power of the Black Jacket Room, Hell's Hideaway, and the Upstairs Bar awaits. This 1,723-square-foot space accommodates up to 30 seated or 100 standing guests. Experience the luxury of two private dining rooms coupled with a vibrant bar scene, providing the ultimate canvas for unforgettable moments.

Black Jacket, Hell's Hideaway, Bar and Patio at Hell's Kitchen Miami


Unleash the energy of your event with the addition of the Upstairs Patio. For up to 100 standing guests, this 2,817-square-foot experience provides both indoor and outdoor excitement. Revel in the Miami views, mingle in chic surroundings, and relish culinary creations that ignite the senses.


SECOND FLOOR BUYOUT at Hell's Kitchen Miami

Transform the entire second floor into your playground of possibilities. With space for up to 70 seated or 150 standing guests across 8,350 square feet, you’ll have the canvas to craft an event beyond imagination. From the private bar to the outdoor patio, this buyout offers a symphony of luxury and entertainment, ensuring a night etched in memories.


FULL RESTAURANT BUYOUT at Hell's Kitchen Miami

Dreams become reality with the Full Restaurant Buyout. Unleash your creativity across 19,308 square feet (16,190 without outdoor space) accommodating up to 70 seated or 250 standing guests. This is your chance to curate an experience as unique as your vision. With specially curated menus and personalized touches, the entire restaurant is yours to command, creating a legendary event that will be talked about for years to come.