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Kitchen Table Experiences

Take a look behind the scenes

Kitchen Table Experiences at Gordon Ramsay restaurants are like no other.


Take your seat in the heart of the kitchen and watch the action unfold as our chefs create a bespoke menu right in front of you. To top it off, you'll get hands-on experience as you learn how to prepare an element of your meal.


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Restaurants & Bars
  1. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (6)
  2. Pétrus (6)
  3. Savoy Grill (9)
  4. Bread Street Kitchen (London) (8)
  5. Lucky Cat (10)
  6. Heddon Street Kitchen (8)
  7. Union Street Café (6)
  8. Street Pizza Bread Street Kitchen (1)
  9. Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill (4)
  10. Maze Grill Royal Hospital Road (3)
  11. Maze Grill Park Walk (4)
  12. York & Albany (5)
  13. London House (3)
  14. Plane Food (3)
  15. The Narrow (3)
  16. Street Pizza York & Albany (1)
  1. under £50
  2. under £100
  3. under £200
  4. over £200
  1. Valentine's Day (10)
  2. Michelin Star (15)
  3. Best-sellers (17)
  4. Dinner (41)
  5. Lunch (53)
  6. Masterclasses (18)
  7. Family & Kids (8)
  8. Dog Friendly (12)
  9. Cocktails & Drinks (18)
  10. Kitchen Table & Private Dining Experiences (9)
  11. Corporate Gifts (19)
Who for
  1. Couples (3)
  2. Family 3- 6 (5)
  3. Groups 6 + (8)
  4. Individual (1)

Filter results:

9 results

  • Street Lounge Experience at Bread Street Kitchen

    Bread Street Kitchen (London)

    Discover one of London's most desirable and unique dining experiences - Street Lounge at Bread Street Kitchen. Available for 2 to 8 guests. 

    From £100.00 inc VAT

  • Kasai Chef's Table Dinner Experience at Lucky Cat

    Lucky Cat

    Take your seat at the exclusive Kasai Chef's Table at Lucky Cat and savour an incredible menu created before your eyes. Available as individual seats or exclusively for 10 guests.

    From £145.00 inc VAT

  • The Inspiration Table at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

    Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

    The ultimate in fine dining experiences, take a seat at The Inspiration Table to discover the exceptional cuisine of 3 Michelin starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

    From £1,000.00 inc VAT

  • Kori Chef's Table Experience at Lucky Cat

    Lucky Cat

    Savour an exclusive Chef's Table experience at Kori, in the heart of the Lucky Cat kitchen. Chefs will create and present dishes for 6 to 12 guests.  

    From £750.00 inc VAT

  • The Butcher's Block Experience at Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill

    Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill

    Our beautifully carved Butcher's Block offers commanding views of both the restaurant and the chefs at work. Your group will enjoy a sharing feast of Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill dishes.

    From £760.00 inc VAT

  • Savoy Grill Kitchen Table Experience

    Savoy Grill

    Enjoy a spectacular meal immersed in the theatricality of the historic Savoy Grill kitchen, with personal chef interaction and your own sommelier.

    From £540.00 inc VAT

  • Kitchen Table Experience at Heddon Street Kitchen

    Heddon Street Kitchen

    Enjoy an exclusive Kitchen Table experience with the best seats in the house at Heddon Street Kitchen.

    From £300.00 inc VAT

  • Petrus Kitchen Table Experience


    Feel the excitement and heat of a world-class Michelin star kitchen while enjoying a thrilling 7-course menu crafted to suit your tastes. 

    From £580.00 inc VAT

  • Savoy Grill Express Kitchen Table Experience

    Savoy Grill

    Enjoy a spectacular meal immersed in the theatricality of the historic Savoy Grill kitchen, with 5 stunning courses and personal chef interaction.

    From £360.00 inc VAT

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