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Halloween Cocktail Recipes for Your Halloween Party

Monday 12 October 2015

Halloween Cocktail Pumpkin

The Kraken

This Halloween cocktail recipe is perfect for serving at your Halloween party - Ladle it from a hollowed out pumpkin or cauldron for extra spookiness!



- 37.5ml Cinnamon infused vodka
- 25ml Freshly squeezed lime juice
- 25ml Sake syrup
- 1/4tsp Squid ink



- 2 eyeballs (Cherries stuffed inside lychees) - 1 in the bottom of the glass and another on the rim



- Martini glass
- Cauldron or hollowed out pumpkin



- Add all cocktail ingredients to Boston glass
- Shake hard with ice
- Fine strain into cauldron
- Repeat until cauldron is full
- Add optional dry ice for smokey effect
- Use a ladle to serve the drink into the martini glasses, being careful to ensure that no dry ice ends up in the glass


The Smashing Pumpkin



- 20ml fresh lemon
- 8 mint leaves
- 25ml of homemade pumpkin syrup
- 40ml of Monkey shoulder
- Dry ice



- carve out a small pumpkin so just the shell is remaining.
- Combine lemon, mint, pumpkin syrup and whiskey.
- Add crushed ice.
- Churn all ingredients a couple of times.
- Garnish with large mint sprig.
- Finish with dry ice capsule in the chillistick and stir

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