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The Team at Pétrus

Russell Bateman

Head Chef Russell Bateman

Head Chef, Russell Bateman, was born in West London and his interest in food and cooking began at a very early age. His nan was a ‘wonderful home cook with a particular flair for bread and baking’ and his grandad had a small vegetable patch, which always intrigued him as a child. His grandad also brewed his own beer, and Russell laments that he never had the opportunity to try it.

It was Russell’s two weeks work experience at school that first introduced him to the industry where he would excel. He remembers being placed ‘with a very talented and patient Chef who had time for me and helped me grow. I have never regretted a day of it’.

He studied at the world-famous Westminster College, which at the time had an amazing site in Battersea which he’d go to on an NVQ course once a week on his day off. Every role that he has had since then has led him to Pétrus and the position that he is in now. Russell is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason!

Since the beginning, all of his mentors have had a huge effect on Russell, and continue to do so.

His Grandparents, with their baking and brewing, inspired him as do his parents. Anyone within the industry who have made a success of themselves also act as an inspiration. Gordon is a huge inspiration and guiding light to him as well.

The thing that pushes him to reach new levels at Pétrus, is the desire to look after people, and have people say they’ve never had a better experience. To Russell, ‘having regular dinners is the greatest compliment’.

Outside of the kitchen, Russell is actively involved in Craft Guild of Chefs “Graduate awards” as chair of the judges. He believes it’s hugely important to train, coach and guide the next generation of Chefs. As a dad, he also loves spending time with his son, ‘doing the simple things but especially cooking together’.

Charles Petrus Headshot 2000px

Restaurant Director Charles Peto

Restaurant Director, Charles, hails from a village in Hampshire and remarks that hospitality ‘is in the blood… my brother ran a restaurant on the Northcote Road in the Nineties; my mother still cooks professionally aged 78!’

Whilst at Edinburgh University, he spent more time waiting tables than studying, and spent his summer pot washing at a restaurant called The Witchery, at the top of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Charles remembers two main things about this time: ‘sore, chapped hands and a lovely pastry chef called Siobhan who gave out sweet leftovers at the end of a shift’. He realised that this was the industry for him, loving the drama and sense of ordered chaos right from the beginning.

When he arrived in London, Charles took a job as a waiter in a large restaurant in Covent Garden. He was quickly promoted to Supervisor, but suddenly being more senior than the staff members who had recently trained him was tough. Internal promotion into a management role is one of hardest moves to make in hospitality.

He is most inspired by the people who quietly excel in their chosen vocation, without making a song and dance about it. And more broadly, those people who actively promote hospitality and present it as an attractive option for school-leavers. 

Outside of work, Charles loves to walk in the hills of Northumberland, or along its beautiful beaches. He also has a passion for gardens, especially trees, saying that ‘they are so beautiful and give us so much that we take for granted- we should revere them!’

When it comes to cuisine, Charles vividly remembers being stunned by the skilful cooking of broths in Thailand. ‘So much of their cooking involves a perfect, fragrant broth at its heart. Simple in concept but just outstanding when got right’.

Head Sommelier Florian Strassguertl

Head Sommelier, Florian Strassguertl, was born in Austria in a small city called Bruck an der Mur. He became interested in hospitality thanks to his father, who ran his own restaurant. He always took Florian with him into the kitchen and told him amazing stories of his experiences in different countries as a chef. Florian’s father remains his greatest inspiration ‘due to his years of dedication and passion for his job’.

By age 5, Florian's goal was to run his own restaurant. However, later on in life he became more and more interested in Wine during his time at the higher institute for Tourism and Leisure Industry Bad Gleichenberg.

Florian’s first internship was as a chef in a winter resort hotel in Tyrol, Austria and his first full time job was as a Sommelier in Gleneagles in Scotland in the Strathearn restaurant. Starting at Gordon Ramsay’s maze in Mayfair as a Sommelier was a key career step. He remembers that ‘the diversity of skills and knowledge I got through it remains so valuable for my current position, and it was my step into the GR Group’.

The thing he loves most about hospitality is meeting different guests every day. Every day is full of new challenges and he gets to work with ‘one of the greatest products from all over the world – wine’. Florian's favourite drink on the Petrus menu is the Chambolle Musigny from Hudellot Noellat because it is a great example of how diverse Pinot Noir can be with so much elegance to it. It is his 'favourite grape in my favourite region from my favourite village'.

Florian loves travelling to wine regions all over the world, in particular France and Italy.

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