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Tricks of the Trade: Easter Desserts

Monday 1 April 2019

easter desserts

At Easter the argument about whether or not white chocolate is proper chocolate is almost as inevitable as Easter eggs themselves! Whatever side of the debate you’re on, these delectably creamy dessert recipes will add sophistication to your holiday table. Follow our Easter recipe ideas and tips to wow your guests.


Pear-Topped White Chocolate Cheesecake


Get a Head Start

When selecting recipes for Easter desserts, remember that one of the best ways to take the stress out of entertaining is to have at least one course made a day or two before your special meal. It simply gives you less to worry about when guests are on the doorstep.

This pear-topped white chocolate cheesecake from The Narrow is ideal because both the cheesecake and poached pears will actually taste better if made a couple of days in advance.


Make it Yours

Don’t be afraid to add your own creative touches. Add extra flavour around the pears with a bit of vanilla pod, a small cinnamon stick and pared lemon or orange zest in a sugar syrup (two parts water to one part caster sugar). 

Depending on the tastes of your guests, you could also add a star anise, grated nutmeg, cloves, allspice, a slice or two of fresh ginger, or even black peppercorns. If it’s an adults-only dessert, consider poaching the pears in white wine. You could also replace some of the caster sugar in the syrup with honey.


Poaching the Pears

The pears will poach best if they’re firm – fortunately that’s the norm at this time of year. You’ll need half a pear per dessert and can peel and core them before poaching.

You can prevent discolouration by ensuring the pears are covered in syrup. To help this, top the surface of the liquid with a circle of parchment paper while the pears are poaching. Cook them very gently for just 15 minutes then leave them to steep in the syrup until serving time.


Chocolate cooking tips

Choose a good quality white chocolate bar rather than the snack confectionery you ate as a kid. It will make all the difference to the taste and texture of the cheesecake.


Dessert in a Glass

For a fun change from traditional Easter puddings, why not try our Easter cocktail — a rich mix of liqueurs, chocolate bitters, egg yolk and white rum, like Easter dessert in a glass!


Classy Chocolate Rims

To make classy chocolate rims for your cocktail glasses, simply melt some orange-flavoured chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of gently steaming water, without letting the hot water touch the base of the bowl. Again: the better the quality of chocolate you use, the better the flavour and texture will be.

Once the chocolate has melted, pour it onto a small plate. Up-end your cocktail glasses and dip the rims in the melted chocolate. Gently shake to remove any excess, then stand them upright and leave to harden. Whether or not you then lick the plate clean is up to you… Easter is only once a year, after all!


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