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Why The Way to a Woman’s Heart is Really Through Her Stomach

Thursday 4 February 2016

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Want to get lucky in love this Valentine’s Day? Forget the cinema or bar; it might be worth taking your date out for a Valentine’s meal first. Like men, women are much more interested in romance on a full stomach than when they haven’t eaten, according to research published in Appetite.


Valentine’s Meals Open up Romance

Researchers have discovered that the cliché "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" also rings true for mankind's feminine side. Comparing the brain activity of women on a full stomach to that when they were hungry, the team observed that both groups were more sensitive to romantic images after eating.

‘Across cultures, food and romantic reward are closely intertwined,’ the psychologists wrote. When hungry, a woman’s primary focus is on getting some food. When that need has been satisfied, she can pay attention to her other needs.

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Seal the Deal with Something Sweet

Ordering a dessert after your Valentine’s Meal could also increase your chances of romance, suggests further research published earlier last year. Sweet foods increase levels of dopamine, a brain chemical which is involved in ‘passionate love’. Tasting something sweet made study participants more interested in a potential partner, researchers from Purdue University found.


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