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Hannibal's Favorite

skull cocktail maze
skull cocktail maze

Cooking instructions

For the homemade Finlandia vodka

  1. To make the infused Finlandia vodka, begin by infusing three separate batches of vodka.
  2. For the strawberry vodka, infuse 300g of fresh strawberry in 1L of vodka and set aside for 24 hours.
  3. For the cinnamon vodka, infuse 3 cinnamon sticks in 1L of vodka for 3 hours.
  4. For the jasmine vodka, infuse 4 jasmine tea bags in 1L of vodka for 2 hours.

For the cocktail

  1. Combine the Finlandia vodka, Aperol, fresh lime juice and fresh pumpkin purée into a cocktail shaker and shake until evenly mixed. Pour into a skull shaped vessel.
  2. Combine the Bergamot infused orange juice and egg whites into the whipping cream siphon. Top the cocktail with foam. 
  3. Place the raspberry purée into a piping bag and carefully draw lines on top of the foam to resemble lines of a brain. 
  4. Decorate with maggot shaped rice grains by drying the cooked rice in a dehydrator for 3-4 hours. Place the dehydrated rice in the oven until a little browned and twist the rice grains to create a maggot-like shape. 


Our bartenders at maze have your Halloween night complete with devilishly creative cocktails for you to enjoy. 


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