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Buffalo Chicken Strips with Blue Cheese Sauce

MG Chicken fillets
MG Chicken fillets

Cooking instructions

To prepare the chicken:

  1. Slice the breast open sideways and cut into 4-6 strips
  2. Add to the buttermilk to marinade (if you can't get buttermilk then you can make it -add 1 tbsps of lemon juice to 240ml of whole milk and leave for 10 minutes to thicken)
  3. Whilst the chicken is marinating - in a separate bowl add cornflakes, cornflour, onion & garlic powder, paprika and salt
  4. Mix well and crush by hand

For the chicken dressing:

  1. Add franks hot sauce to a pan and bring to a simmer
  2. Remove from the heat and whisk in butter until they have fully combined
  3. Set aside to chill

For the blue cheese dipping sauce:

  1. In a pan gently heat blue cheese, veg stock (or water) and honey
  2. Once hot remove from heat and blitze until smooth
  3. Chill the sauce. If you don’t have a blender beat it with a fork or small whisk
  4. Once the sauce is chilled add crème fraiche and gently fold in with a spoon 

To cook the chicken:

  1. Add marinated chicken to the cornflake crumb mix (ensure the chicken is coated evenly all over)
  2. Add cooking oil to a deep pan (enough to cover chicken) and heat to 160°c (do not leave unattended)
  3. Add coated chicken to the oil and gently fry until golden, crispy and cooked through
  4. Once the chicken is cooked remove from fryer and place in franks hot sauce
  5. Toss chicken in sauce until evenly coated

To serve:

  1. Stack chicken on a plate and top with coriander and fresh chilli slices or julienne
  2. Serve with a pot of blue cheese sauce for dipping and wedges of lime

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